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DIY Essential Oil

Loving Family Essentials - Irresistible, Your Natural Cleaner

by hoangjun yuan 01 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Home is one's harbor, and everyone wants to come home to get comfort and relaxation. Home is also the cradle for nurturing children. The years are quiet, the present world is stable, quiet life attitude and warm and comfortable family environment is essential. A quiet and clean home can bring people hope and pleasure, and can also provide suitable soil for children to grow. Warm family needs to be constructed and operated with care, but home cleaning is the most headache of the big problem. For the pursuit of natural harmony, you may want to try using natural formulations of essential oils to home to a big clean, twice the effect will certainly surprise you.

New Home Improvement
Newly purchased furniture often brings a variety of pungent odors into the home. In order to improve the air in the home, people come up with various ways. For example, buying an air purifier, or using air fresheners. But in fact, seemingly simple essential oils, as long as you know how to use them wisely can bring both economic and effective air purification effect to the home environment.
Recommended essential oils: lavender, tea tree , lemon, bergamot.
Substrate: Pure water.
Formula: 100mL pure water, Lavender 5 drops, Tea Tree 7 drops,Lemon 8 drops, Bergamot 10 drops
How to use: Put the evenly mixed liquid into a spray water bottle, shake well and spray wine directly to freshen the air.

Sterilization of Clothes
Do you love cleanliness from time to time worry about what to use to disinfect your clothes without harming them and drying them? Don't worry about it! Essential oils can help you. Soak, soak, and say goodbye to bacteria and viruses.
Recommended essential oils: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender, Pine Needle, Lemon.
Formula: Eucalyptus 2 drops, Tea Tree 2 drops, Pine Needle 3 drops,Lemon  3 drops.
How to use: first water over the clothes, then add the essential oils, soak for half an hour, helps to eliminate clothing bacteria, so that the clothes emit a fresh scent.

Kitchen Cleaning
Kitchen this kind of grease and smoke "disaster area", relying solely on the range hood and detergent washing effect, how can completely remove the cooking brought about by a variety of odors? Sink stains, stovetop stains, kitchen odor, aromatic elves one step to deal with.
Recommended essential oils: Lemon, Eucalyptus, Clove , Camphor, Basil,Lemon citronella,Petitgrain , Peppermint, Patchouli, Thyme , Grapefruit.
Formula: 75% medical alcohol 100mL,Thyme 15 drops,Eucalyptus 10 drops, Lemon 15 drops.
How to use: Mix well and use to clean sinks.
Recipe: 5% baking soda 100ml, Peppermint 15 drops, Grapefruit 15 drops, Petitgrain 10 drops, Patchouli 10 drops.
How to use: Mix well and use to clean cooktops and range hoods.
Formula: 100mL of purified water , Cymbopogon Citratus 10 drops, Camphor 20 drops , Basil 10 drops.
How to use: Mix well and use in garbage cans to remove odors.

Bathroom Hygiene
Bathrooms usually have a lot of water vapor, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. If you want it to be fresh and clean, give your bathroom a bath.
Recommended essential oils:Lemon , Lavender , Tea Tree , Thyme, Rose
Formula: 5% citric acid solution 100ml, Lavender 10 drops ,Rose 10 drops, Tea Tree 20 drops.
Directions: Mix well and use to clean sinks and toilets.
Recipe: 5% Citric Acid Solution 100ml, Pine Needle 20 drops, Lemon 20 drops.
Directions: Mix well and use to clean tiles and glass.
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