The wife of the founder of the PHATOIL is an aroma enthusiast who is shocked by the healing sensation brought by aroma of plants. The founder couple, fueled by a relentless passion for the transformative power of essential oils, embarked on a journey to explore their evolution through time.


Our mission is to provide people with better health protection and give more people the opportunity to feel the power of nature awakening both physically and mentally.

Only by truly adhering to the natural, original and pure way can we obtain the most powerful energy and healing power from it.

Be Natural

We select the the most plump plants and plant parts to extract essential oils in the most primitive way, so as to deliver this gift from the earth to every family.

Be Healthy

Based on its own strong supply chain system, PHATOIL focuses all its enthusiasm and energy on improving the quality of essential oils and fully exploiting the natural energy contained in plants to make this natural gift your health partner.

Hope & Love

PHATOIL's natural essential oil is suitable for beginners to try different aromatic experiences. The healing power of nature will fill your life with hope and love.