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DIY Essential Oil

PHATOIL Essential oil DIY candle

by yuanhoangjun 15 Dec 2023 1 comment

How to make scented candles?

Scent is a medium that evokes different memories. Beautiful scented candles not only add to the beauty of your home, but also keep your home comfortably scented. Scented candles have become very popular, and this article will introduce you to the world of scented candles, from introducing the types of scented candles to tips on how to make scented candles.


Soy Wax 50%, White Beeswax 50%
PHATOIL Essential Oil (Cedarwood , Pine Needles5-8%
Pigment Moderate amount


Candle wicks
Candle cups/molds
Piercing needle, scissors, thermometer

Understanding the Principles of Scenting

How to make a scented candle? The main reason why scented candles are scented is because they have essential oils added to them. However, essential oils can be used in candles, and when added to a candle, the fragrance can be retained in the wax, so that the scent attaches to the wax and does not disappear as quickly as it would if the essential oils were to evaporate quickly.

If you want the scent to last, there is one more thing that you need to pay attention to, and that is the temperature of the wax should not be too high when you add the scent to the wax. When the temperature of the wax is high, the scent will evaporate easily, resulting in a scentless candle. This is why soy wax is preferred for aromatherapy candles, as it has a low melting point, melts easily, and is less likely to fail when adding essential oils!
For this reason, the temperature of the wax with essential oils is controlled at 60°-80° Celsius. Jelly wax is not compatible with essential oils, so soy wax and snowflake wax are the two main types of wax used in scented candles.

Scented Candle Making

Scented candle making is very simple in principle, but because wax is so easy to mold, it is possible to vary the theory. A scented candle is made by melting the wax, mixing it with a blend of essential oils, pouring it into a container and letting it set. Gradually, scented candles began to evolve, combining different techniques, began to have different shapes, or add different elements with it, such as the addition of dried flowers, eternal flowers, to become the popular dried flower candles, and the production of the test of how to match different flowers with each other, in order to match it beautifully.

Here are a few simple steps to show you how to do it.
1. Secure the wick to the mold.
2. Melt the soy wax and white beeswax, we suggest you to choose a good quality soy wax, it will be more stable when heating and melting.
3. Add essential oils and colors to the heated wax and stir well. If you want the scented candle to be fragrant enough, the ratio of wax to essential oil should be at least 100g of soy wax + white beeswax: 5-8ml of essential oil.
4. Pour the wax into the mold and wait for it to solidify.
5. You can add different decorations, such as minerals, flowers, etc., to increase the shape of the scented candles, and you can also choose beautiful containers to increase the texture.
6. When the soy wax cools down and solidifies, it can be successfully removed from the mold.

Soy wax is a natural wax that burns safely without smoke or fumes. When making scented candles, it is important to understand the characteristics of different waxes in order to match them together and create different shapes.
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1 comment

10 Apr 2024 schmitt cedric
bonjour je recherche la fiche clp et afnor de vos huiles essentiels pour mes bougies

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