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Create an essential oil aroma and body odor interaction

by yuanhoangjun 22 Dec 2023 0 Comments

The brilliant thing about essential oil perfumes is that they interact with the body. Essential oil perfumes are alive, living, because they change constantly, and that change, is the continuation of plant life.

A writer once said, "...synthetic perfumes...they are static perfumes that can't chemically interact with the body of the person wearing the perfume, much less release it on the skin, and what you smell is what you get...natural perfumes emit and release on the skin, and change over time, and the chemistry with the body is even more unique. The chemistry with the body is even more unique."

A great perfumer and philosopher once commented, 'Scent exists within us, becomes one with us, takes on a new role within us'..."

This is a unique aspect of natural essential oil perfumery, and a classic rule that should be on the mind of every you who wants to make an essential oil perfume, so how do you create what is known as the interaction between aroma and body odor?

To take an extreme example, all the instructions for perfume use say, "Never spray wine under the gum, because the more you try to cover your fox odor with perfume, the more noticeable it will become. This is true if you are using perfume with synthetic fragrances, but have you tried using essential oil formulas?

From another point of view, body odor is a form of body odor, and it cannot be denied that a moderate and mild form of it is the sexiest fatal attraction for a man (or a woman), in this case the smell of fresh and clean sweat rather than the smell of poor body circulation or poorly hygienic eating habits. There was once a formula that contained the right proportion of vetiver, and when vetiver, an earthy and woody family of definitive fragrances, was mixed with the smell of sweat, it actually combined and improved on the original hint of funk and became a very distinctive and pleasant, but not overpowering, new scent. Especially after the use of men, rock orchid grass and his body odor combined into a new smell, that is to give you the feeling of knowing is sweat is body odor, but will not be excluded or feel bad, but more attractive, can be said to use essential oils to effectively improve the body odor, and essential oils to perfume and the user as one, the people around him do not even feel that he used the perfume only to know that he gave a different feeling of the people today, this is the most essential oils perfume This is the most characteristic factor of essential oil perfume.

After having a clearer understanding of perfume, it is time to get in touch with all kinds of essential oils and skillfully utilize their aromas. Essential oils as a new friend, do not be greedy for more, you can not rely on the introduction of a time to understand all of it, should gradually deep people to understand, and when to review the review, that is to be able to take the essential oils as a close friend and fully communicating with the use of the best policy.

Body Aroma Apollo (for men)
Rosemary essential oil 5ml + Fir essential oil  2ml + Tea Tree essential oil  1ml + Sandalwood essential oil  1ml + Bergamot essential oil  1ml + Perfumed Alcohol 10ml
Tea Tree essential oil is used to decipher the source of body odor, Bergamot essential oil is used to transform sweaty acidity into fruity acidity, Rosemary and Fir essential oils provide a soothing woody and grassy base, and Sandalwood essential oil provides a powerful aftertaste. This formula is suitable for use as a finishing touch to body odors, and can be used to combine the original sweaty odors with body odors, to become a positive, refreshing, and natural scent.
Body Diana (for women)
Eucalyptus essential oil 5ml + Lemon essential oil 2ml + Jasmine essential oil 1ml + Ylang Ylang essential oil 1ml + Vetiver essential oil 1ml + Perfumed alcohol 10ml
Generally speaking, men have a heavy odor of sweat and women have a heavy odor of fox, and it is the fox odor that is the most difficult to fix. Because this also involves dietary issues, women less exercise, poor circulation in the body, poor sweating metabolism, poor detoxification function, to observe a person's normal metabolism in the body and how the detoxification force, as long as the taste of sweat know: healthy sweat on the skin particles of crystal, slightly salty, unhealthy sweat sticky, salty and even stinky. So if you want to use perfume to modify, the formula should also be heavier.

Deodorizing and deodorizing with eucalyptus essential oil, lemon essential oil in addition to deodorizing is also responsible for providing fresh scent and transformation, jasmine, ylang ylang, vetiver, and other essential oils are used to cover the smell and transform it to change the salty stench of sweat and fox odor into a sweet and floral fragrance.

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