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Body Care

Use of Essential Oils in Skin Beauty

by yuanhoangjun 23 Oct 2023 1 comment
Aromatherapy not only helps with the texture of the skin, but most importantly it helps with the most significant emotions affecting the skin, which include anxiety, stress, nervousness, fear, anger, emotional sensitivity and depression, among others. Some of these essential oils used for treatment purposes balance the skin, some promote cell regeneration, some have anti-inflammatory properties, and some increase blood circulation in the epidermis. But whatever their effects on the skin, they can also be extremely healing on the mental and emotional levels.

Below is a list of essential oils that are suitable for a variety of different skin types and moods.

Universal Aromatherapy Essential Oils for All Skin Types

Two essential oils with perfectly balancing properties:Geranium and Lavender.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Dry Skin

The number of people suffering from dry skin is getting younger and younger. Climate change, pollution, air-conditioning and lack of nutrients are exacerbating skin dehydration. Emotions that can cause dry skin include stress, tension, anxiety, anger, depression, nervousness and sadness.
The following essential oils are known for their stress-relieving and calming properties, and are useful for dryness and dehydration caused by emotions, and are represented below.
Suitable skin type: dehydrated skin, hormone imbalance skin, sensitive skin.
Psychological function: Its calming scent reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation, lowering stress levels that can cause dry skin.
Suitable skin type:dry skin, all skin types, sensitive skin.
Psychological function: Uplifting neroli creates positive emotions that discourage negative skin-picking behaviors linked to dryness.
Suitable skin type: dry skin, aging skin, redness and allergies.
Psychological function: Improve sentimentality and enhance mood, encouraging good self-care habits that benefit dry skin.
Suitable skin type: dry and damaged skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, wrinkled skin.
Psychological function: Its aroma induces relaxation, lowering cortisol that can damage skin barrier. It creates calmness supporting skin's natural repair processes.

In summary, these oils both texturally repair dry skin and psychologically address the underlying stress factors behind dryness through their respective uplifting, relaxing or antioxidant properties.This formula awakens and rebuilds the skin's condition, bringing radiance and suppleness to the skin.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Oily Skin

Sebaceous gland problems are often caused by changes in the body's hormonal environment, resulting in oily skin, clogged pores and uncleanliness. Taking therapeutic medications or emotional stress (e.g., tension, anger, sadness, and depression) may also worsen oily skin problems.
Suitable Skin Type: Oily skin, acne, pimples.
Psychological function: Its citrus aroma has uplifting and mood-boosting qualities. This reduces stress and encourages positive self-image, important for those with oily skin.
Suitable for: rough skin, oily skin, unhealthy skin.
Psychological function: Lavender induces calm and relaxation. Its scent relieves tension and worry, keeping oil glands from overproducing due to stress.
Suitable Skin Type: Acne, blocked skin, combination skin.
Psychological function: Cedarwood evokes feelings of clarity, focus and being grounded. Its woodsy fragrance discourages mental rumination and overthinking that can aggravate oily conditions.

In summary, these oils manage oily skin texture through regulating sebum and fighting bacteria/inflammation. They also benefit the mind by alleviating stress, boosting mood and promoting relaxation - important psychological components for those seeking clear, balanced skin.This formula purifies and regulates sebaceous gland secretion and improves dull skin tone.

Aromatic Aesthetics Essential Oils to Revitalize Aging Skin

The only way to avoid aging skin, which can cause loss of elasticity and sagging, is to minimize stress, maintain good health, take fewer medications, abstain from smoking and alcohol, and eat more fresh food and not too much red meat. Stay away from synthetic skin care products that can cause irritation, and stay away from pollutants as much as possible. Of course, personal genetic factors also affect the speed and performance of skin aging.
Suitable skin type: dry and damaged skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, wrinkled skin.
Psychological function: Its aroma induces relaxation, lowering cortisol that can damage skin barrier. It creates calmness supporting skin's natural repair processes.
Suitable for: premature aging skin, rejuvenate the skin.
Psychological functions: can help calm jittery emotions, help sleep.
Black Pepper
Suitable skin type: revitalizes skin circulation, promotes cell regeneration, and improves dull skin tone.
Psychological function: Improves feelings of exhaustion, emotional indifference, and lack of motivation to do anything, such as being bothered by the minutiae and drudgery of daily life.
Suitable skin type: Revitalizes skin that tends to have a sluggish metabolism, helps the skin's oil and water balance, and softens the stiffness and depth of wrinkles.
Psychological function: Improves unexplained moping, insecure trepidation, and sentimentality.
Suitable skin type: Stimulates the secretion of estrogen, thus helping the skin to maintain its redness and moisture content; slows down the outward signs of skin aging.
Psychological functions: Provides a sense of security, improves indecision, anxiety and depression.

In summary, these oils manage aging-related texture changes through antioxidants, circulation boosts and hydration while also supporting psychological well-being through qualities like wisdom, vitality, relaxation and confidence associated with their scents.This formula improves skin tone and eliminates wrinkles caused by physical and mental stress.

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1 comment

13 Feb 2024 Stephanie Kim Morale
can i take the essential oils and put them on coconut oil and use on skin—

also i have rosemary essential oil and want to use on my hair with coconut oil
is this ok -how many drops

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